Power tools are tools that are actuated by a power source or mechanism.

Molding Tools

In addition, there are several design considerations to consider as well. These are discussed in this article.

Choosing the best molding tools for your needs will help you make better decisions about your products.

Structural integrity is the ability of a structure to maintain its integrity, under normal or extreme conditions.


Its aim is to prevent deformation, breaking, or catastrophic failure. It is important to maintain the integrity of a structure throughout its lifecycle, and periodic inspections and maintenance ensure structural safety.


Defective materials can compromise structural integrity. In such cases, tools and structures may not meet their design load bearing capacity.


Also, remember to consider your budget and any design challenges that you may face.


When choosing a tool for your molding process, it’s important to consider its structural integrity.

Molded From

In other words, will it be able to withstand the weight of the plastic part it is molded from? A structural FEA analysis will help you determine these issues. In addition to determining whether or not a tool is structurally sound, a simulation can also help you determine how durable it is. The cost will vary from one mold to the next, and may even exceed the cost of the parts you make with it.


The geometry of base plates, support columns, and rails is important for maintaining a flat parting line.

Steels Tool

The tool steels used are selected according to their strength in tension, compression, and bending. To prevent ejection issues, horn pins and ejector pins are shoulder guided in a retainer plate. However, large molds with intricate undercuts and thick walls can require expensive tooling and constant machine maintenance.

Steel Expansion

Moreover, steel expansion is calculated based on the cycle-speed temperatures. This helps maintain a constant temperature within each segment of a molding tool.

Integrity Tool

Integrity Tool & Mold is an injection molding company based in Troy, Michigan. It employs more than 750 people at its three injection mold manufacturing facilities.


Molding tools can be expensive. Choosing which tools to purchase depends on the type of plastics you’ll be using and the price of molds. Molds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Small molds with single cavities usually cost less than multi-cavity molds.

Investing in the right molding tools for your part will help you save money in the long run. First, consider the number of parts you’ll be making. If you’ll be making only a few pieces, a smaller mold may be all you need. Also, consider the size and design of the mold.

Molds can vary in price depending on the type of resin and the type of machine. A good mold may cost a few hundred dollars, while a poorly made one can cost much more. Molds can be purchased ready-made or manufactured.

The company has recently diversified into manufacturing fixtures, 3D printing, and other processes.