April 17, 2021


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TikTok consumers just re-discovered the CIA’s telepathic time travel documents

Back in 2003, the CIA de-categorized the documents relating to its 1983 astral projection venture, also regarded as the Gateway Expertise. IFL Science sums it up fairly well:

The system, called the Gateway Procedure, is based mostly on thoughts developed by the Monroe Institute, a nonprofit corporation targeted on the exploration of human consciousness. The concept is that selected routines can let the brain to “hemi-sync”, whereby brain waves in the proper and remaining hemispheres synchronize at the identical frequency and amplitude. Hemi-sync, the report argues, can be realized via a series of meditation-like workout routines when listening to a set bunch of soundwaves, acknowledged as the Gateway Tapes.

As per the report, the universe is a advanced system of “interacting power fields” in which states are simply versions in vitality. Human consciousness is no distinctive, it can be just a vibrational sample of strength. When hemi-sync is obtained, the report says, it can cause an altered state of consciousness in which the vibration of a person’s consciousness is absolutely free from physical truth and tunes into this pure vitality subject. 

Drawing on concepts of quantum entanglement, the report claims it could be feasible for human consciousness to profoundly alter the universe given that reality is holographic projection the portion encodes the complete. In this comprehending of fact, everything is deeply related in a matrix of interconnected strength vibrations, from your consciousness to the depths of the universe. 

Like a large amount of the CIA’s weird Stranger Issues-esque sci-fi telepathic pseudo-science experiments from again in the working day (see also: MK Extremely), their try to crack the tricks of transcending place and time though less than hypnosis yielded reasonably disappointing final results.

But that did not prevent a person on TikTok from unearthing the paperwork that have been community for two many years now, and all of a sudden turning peoples’ focus back to them once again.

If this is the sort of factor you’re fascinated in, Vice has place together a very significant breakdown of the whole timeline of the Gateway Practical experience task, including guidance on how you could (theoretically) make it perform for you. Someone’s also marketing the 6-CD set of the Monroe Institutes’ meditation approach on Amazon for like $500, if you favor to squander your time and dollars via aural finding out.

How to Escape the Confines of Time and Room According to the CIA [Thobey Campion / Vice]

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