July 25, 2021


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TikTok ‘Time Traveller’ Reveals Approaching Dates To Be Ready For

A TikTok ‘time traveller’ stated to be despatched back again from the long run has informed us of five crucial dates to place in our calendars. To see the dates, check out video clip underneath:

The self-proclaimed ‘Time Traveller’, @aesthetictimewarper, captioned the TikTok video: “Astounding items to appear…”

With above 500,000 likes and 15,000 comments, the put up has attained some momentum.

The footage revealed is of a time lapse with, what seems to be, a skyline overlooking a metropolis. On leading of that are subtitles in which the TikToker can make his bold statements.

Credit score: Instagram/@aesthetictimewarper

To start with @aesthetictimewarper claims: “Quite a few of you however you should not believe I am a real time traveler, so don’t forget these 5 dates.”

Shortly immediately after that, a first day and celebration are offered (in US structure so thirty day period/date/year): “8/3/21: Nasa finds a mirrored Earth, opposite gravity, physics, movement.”

We shall search ahead to that just one, it is really intended to be coming next month.

After comes a much more specific function: “9/14/21: A Group 6 hurricane hits South Carolina, the worst in heritage.”

It can be not all depressing, as the time traveller’s subsequent event could be rather awesome.

Credit: Instagram/@aesthetictimewarper
Credit: Instagram/@aesthetictimewarper

“10/20/21: 8 individuals acquire superpowers from intense strength of the Sunshine.”

Now that I wouldn’t thoughts looking at, of system, as very long as they use their powers for superior. No Thanoses be sure to.

Following up is one for all you dinosaur fanatics/wannabe Ross Gellers.

“12/14/21: 3 Youngsters uncover a T-Rex egg and a unit to open up a portal to an alternate universe.”

Last of all, this function is predicted to transpire next year and it could be a large just one.

“2/2/2022: Atlantis is located in the Atlantic Ocean, housing human-fish existence.”

As one particular could think about, the responses area was complete of inquiries and observations.

A single consumer from South Carolina was pretty anxious and requested: “Um I am quite anxious about to hurricane in SC that is in which I am. What element of SC?”

Even though another ‘time traveller’ was fast to issue one thing out: “I’m a time traveler far too and I never see you at the conferences.”

A third consumer threatened to get legal motion if functions were proved to be erroneous.

The comment go through: “Okay ‘Mr. time traveler’ if that is your serious title, I saved this vid and these dates so if this don’t materialize I am suing, I want my superpowers!”

The ‘time traveller’ has over 1.4 million likes and 230,000 followers on TikTok and in accordance to the bio, wishes ‘to aid humanity’ and ‘there is a whole lot you will need to know’.