April 17, 2021


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Towing vacation trailer with Model Y

We have a Product Y and I have been exploring this subject for months now. A few months back we eventually obtained a Palomino SolAire eXpandable 147X for use with our Design Y.

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This trailer has a stated hitch fat of 315 lbs . and a dry weight of close to 3100 kilos. The two queen beds fold out from the trailer, so within it truly is in fact pretty spacious and functional with the beds sticking out. And the unit is smaller when folded up, which helps with towing.

From a ability standpoint our Y was ready to pull the trailer just fantastic from Portland to Seattle. (The only vacation we’ve taken so much with the trailer). It feels like it truly is bought a good deal of ability, and even the dealership operator was amazed when I permit him exam push the motor vehicle with trailer hooked up. We opted for a sway bar, but not the excess weight distribution technique. (Don’t forget, these issues add to the tongue body weight). There was no issue preserving handle of the trailer, at least for that one ~200 mile generate we have been ready to do so much.

The hitch excess weight was a large worry for me. I definitely want to keep comfortably inside the stated 350 lbs . hitch bodyweight that the tongue. So I obtained rid of 1 of the two propane tanks, and am looking for replacing the remaining 20 pound tank with an 11 pound tank. (We only take weekend excursions so we will not need a incredibly huge amount of LP). Each and every tank weighs 40 pounds absolutely loaded, so likely from 80 lbs . to probably 20 lbs . genuinely saves hitch body weight ability.

Next we acquired rid of the 65 pound lead acid trailer battery and replaced it with a 15 pound LiFePO4 battery. Even even though on paper we dropped fifty percent the battery capacity (heading from 100Ah down to 50Ah), LiFePO4 batteries enable you to use 90% of the battery capability just before tapering whilst Direct Acid batteries only enable use of 50% right before taper (and long lasting harm) sets in. So I basically take into account the battery ability mostly a wash. And we saved 50 pounds of tongue weight there. Soon after these two adjustments, our tongue excess weight is around 300 pounds, before incorporating on the hitch mount, ball, and sway bar, which combine to it’s possible 25 further pounds. We don’t load any cargo in the trailer with any actual fat, so I come to feel assured about the hitch bodyweight keeping below (ever so marginally) the 350 pound restrict.

The trailer itself weighs closer to 3350 lbs (alternatively of the mentioned dry weight of 3100 pounds) even we we have it empty. I am not absolutely sure why that is. But yet it is really even now under the 3500 pound towing potential of the Product Y, so we are conference that need.

The rear of the motor vehicle does sag significantly when the trailer is hooked up. That is in all probability my most important concern actually. We have every little thing inside the Y’s mentioned potential ranges, so I am not far too apprehensive, but it would suck to out of the blue have a tire blow on the highway or one thing. A single detail to consider is that if you might be including 300 lbs of trailer tongue weight to the motor vehicle, that also provides to the car’s payload capacity of 800-900 lbs. So that usually means that there is only a small more than 500 lbs remaining that can be included to the vehicle with individuals, suitcases, and so forth when the trailer is attached. We could finish up heading slightly about this sum when going tenting, but not much too a lot – possibly 100 kilos above the mentioned payload limit of the car or truck. If we convey everything genuinely major with us (steel objects, coolers, etc) we may try loading it in the frunk to not set any extra weight on the rear axle.

Last but not least the greatest hit we’ve seen is to our vary. Our auto is stated to get about 326 miles ordinarily on a demand. However going at about 60mph (in wintertime and damp weather in the Seattle region) we only obtained about 100 miles of vary. It seemed like we may well be in a position to get a little bit in excess of 100 miles if we went 55mph, but which is about the slowest I was eager to go on I-5. This is high-quality as extended as your area is really effectively included with superchargers and/or Chademo chargers. We are very spoiled below and that just isn’t definitely as considerably of a difficulty for us, other than having to prevent substantially far more usually to demand. In each situations we were being capable to pull in and charge with out dismounting the trailer, which was wonderful. The to start with place we pulled in to a trailer charge location, and the 2nd location was empty, so we drove alongside aspect the lender of Sperchargers and just billed that way. I feel in the spring and Summer (exactly where weather conditions is 55-80 degrees) our variety will increase.

I hope this was valuable to you and any person else looking to pull a camper with their product Y. Like I explained, we’ve only been on that one prolonged excursion so much. As we do extra trips in excess of the subsequent time I am going to update this thread with added results.