May 6, 2021


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Tractor trailers will be prohibited from touring along Reeds Hole amid ongoing problems | Newest Information

The release details to economic improvement within just Nelson and Augusta counties top to elevated truck website traffic on Beech Grove and Reeds Gap roadways.

Considering that the start of the new 12 months, Sheets said there have been eight incidents of tractor-trailers getting stuck alongside Reeds Hole. 

In accordance to the website traffic review, immobilized vehicles normally end result in complete highway closures, triggering, in most instances, several hours-extended delays and detours for the typical motorist as properly as delays to start with responders.

“Anything hiccups when there is a truck trapped on Reeds Gap,” Sheets said.

Sheets recalled a pair of situations where by vans ensnared alongside Reeds Hole experienced resulted in short delays for crisis crews in route to “critical phone calls.”

The release notes some of this visitors has been the end result of GPS directions and both equally VDOT’s Lynchburg and Staunton districts installed indications at various locations primary up to Beech Grove and Reeds Gap roads alerting truckers that GPS routing was not advised.

Despite the interim signage, the range of incidents and delays has increased, according to the release.

Sheets stated the issue was a “runaway freight practice” that the department attributed to bad signage. He claimed there was a noticeable enhancement when signs went up in each Augusta and Nelson counties, but the situation gradually “crept back again up when folks figured out they could ignore the signals.”